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As of August 8, 2008 , we are pleased to announce the launch of the FDA approved OmniBody Scan , an infrared thermal imaging camera that will be able to detect patterns of abnormality within the human body. In conjunction with existing technologies, the OmniBody Scan will be able to identify problems early enough for prevention and treatment. The OmniBody Scan is available for purchase and resale through the RehabCo division of American HealthChoice.  

The Business of Medical Infrared Imaging - OmniBody Scan - click here for PDF

According to Pat McGlashan, President of RehabCo, "Our initial focus will be the worldwide problem of breast cancer. The dilemma that all women have is that having X-rays to detect breast cancer may cause breast cancer. The OmniBody Scan is a non-invasive tool that will have no harmful side effects. And, the earlier that breast cancer is detected equates to a much higher chance of survival, especially with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). ”

Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an advanced and accelerated form of breast cancer usually not detected by mammograms or ultrasounds. Some women may remain undiagnosed for long periods even while seeing their doctor. The symptoms are similar to a breast infection and the woman may receive a prescription for antibiotics.

The OmniBody Scan is manufactured for American Health Choice by a respected infrared imaging manufacturer with many years of successful experience in this field. Efforts have begun to solicit resellers to penetrate the USA market with both the OmniBody Scan and our adjunct support system of providing high quality “interpretations” of the infrared images. The OmniBody Scan adheres to the highest "gold" standards of thermography. It requires minimal training, is easy to use and offers a very high level of image quality.

There is tremendous literature and research on the problem of mammograms causing breast cancer. Five years ago, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force  examined data from numerous clinical trials and estimated that screening mammography every one or two years in women in their 40s resulted in a 15 percent decrease in breast cancer mortality after 14 years of follow-up. But, analyses also made note of the potential harms of screening, including radiation exposure, procedure-associated pain, false-positive results, over-diagnosis and potentially unnecessary treatment. 

Anyone interested in purchasing the OmniBody Scan or in becoming a reseller should contact Patrick McGlashan ( ) at 817-837-8000, ext. 222.